Monday, February 18, 2013

Internet sales for dry ice suppliers.

How often is dry ice purchased over the internet? Internet sales world wide topped one trillion for 2012 – up 15% over the previous year. Isn’t this a growing market worth examining?

Dry ice producers and distributors have often thought this was too difficult because dry ice must be shipped by ground and sublimation losses add up quickly. Yet some companies have worked with UPS and offer on line sales within a two day delivery radius from their plant. They can reach new customers many hundred of miles away. Two companies I am aware of are Dry Ice Express in Toronto, Canada, and Atomic Dry Ice in Minnesota. UPS will not guarantee delivery and delayed delivery must be replaced by the supplier and not UPS, so prices must be enough to cover these additional efforts and risks.

The first requirement is a good dry ice shipping container. These containers when added to a dry ice supplier’s inventory are also available to sell to the public. Next, set up daily shipping procedures. This service can also be offered to the walk-in public allowing them to ship their frozen goods. Finally be sure to advertise these new services on line to reach many new customers.

The added value of offering internet dry ice sales to a limited local area, along with new products and shipping services will expand your customer base and customer satisfaction.

Welcome to the internet age.