Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bright Future for Dry Ice

The amount of information available about dry ice is growing due to the success of internet search engines and sustained curiosity about it. Now there are many – often copied – similar descriptions about anything anyone wants to know about dry ice. When I started dryiceInfo ten years ago there was more bad information than good helpful information on the internet. So I started the website as a hobby to better inform the public. Now I will continue sharing information in this blog by giving updated and current trends for the dry ice industry.

The latest economic downturn, primarily due to young innovated and creative minds using the power of computer programming to find new ways of squeezing higher interest rates for banking investment has churned the world because of unforeseen shortcomings as nothing else has in such a short time. Other forces from the internet's quick and easy availability of information has closed many businesses and made others that sell to walk in traffic obsolete.

News organizations are also in tumult and disarray trying to find the vehicle to earn a living and pay for their resources to provide news in their old traditional way as well as new internet ways. Only by understanding the new power that each of us individually have when we can gather and share news and other information on the internet for all to see, will the news companies succeed in providing a public service that someone will support with their wages.

Yet in these changing and challenging times dry ice is still selling in increasing quantities to walk in customers – note the increased number of grocery stores carrying Penguin brand dry ice. It is still the most economic way to store cold energy. And it is growing in popularity for photography special effects. In addition, dry ice blast cleaning is a growing industry, as contractors for various business with cleaning, maintenance and refurbishing requirements, discover more and more innovated applications for using dry ice blasting.

For dry ice blast cleaners, the opportunities for new business is mitigated by the increasing number of people willing to get into the blasting business themselves. Those who are successful because of good customer relationships combined with experienced gained from careful preparation, planning, and execution of the cleaning project in a safe orderly manner, build their trustworthy reputation in these hard times.

The blast-cleaning contractors who are willing to sell or rent blasting equipment to their existing and prospective customers as well as train them in their use, are the finding new sales opportunities, although they may be loosing some of their contractual business. The question that needs to be answered is “How can I support my customers in the best possible way for their benefit?” When this is answered with our customers’ interest first, we become a valued service provider and a friend that can be counted on in a substantial lasting relationship of worthy character that will provide valued referrals.

Therefore I see a bright future in the dry ice business – both selling dry ice and the growing opportunities in dry ice blast cleaning – and not an antiquated symbol disappearing as fast as the desk hogging vacuum tube computer monitor has.